Fire and Wine

Yesterday my sister and I went to a cooking class for her birthday present!! The class was at Chateau Elan. Where I took my dad wine tasting for Christmas and made famous by this YouTube video…

No there was no grape stomping involved!! Oh but there was wine.

The class started at 3:00, we arrived around 2:30 and were greeted with this beautiful spread..

And wine!!

Alright we didn’t realize how matchy matchy we were until it was too late to change it 🙂

Once we started cooking, there was a waiter who hung around and his only job was to refill our glass after every sip! Ahhhhhh 🙂

They gave us chef hats and aprons that we got to bring home! Love my new kitchen apparel!!

First up we made Baked Brie with Rosemary and Pecans!!

Easy peasy to make. Place brie in middle of puff pastry and cover with chopped pecans, chopped thyme and drizzle of honey. Wrap up and bake until golden!

While the brie was baking, we started our main course: Chicken with Asparagus and Farro.

We sauteed the chicken with some herbs in crushed garlic and oil.

Green and white asparagus was added, along with carrots, tomatoes, the cooked farro, and veal stock.

We enjoyed our creations at a table set for us. There was a really sweet Australian couple who shared stories about their travels to Paris. And a nice women in town visiting family, she was cooking while her husband was hanging out at the hotel. We really enjoyed their company!!

Our Chef was Chef Bryan, a fellow Auburn Alum!!! He entertained us with tales from the kitchen.

Now for the flames!!

Our Pound Cake and Berry Compote was toasted and flambeed!! Chef Bryan gave us fair warning that the alcohol we were using was Bacardi 151, marked flammable and will probable create a significant flame.

He wasn’t lying!




Holy Moly, somehow we survived to cook another day!

It was such a blast! We enjoyed every tastey minute of it!!

Happy Birthday Kay!!!