Friendship and Fatback

Yesterday began bright in early! We are home for our Thanksgiving break so I met Lauren for our 16 mile long run!

We ran the Suwanee Creek Greenway. It was a 4.5 mile trail that we looped until we had enough milage. It was a really beautiful run through the woods. I love all of the fall leaves!!!

Fuel during the run came in the form of Cherry Pie Larabar. It was good but I definitely prefer the peanut butter and jelly!

To refuel after the run I brought along the ingredients for my favorite post run snack. Thick slice of WW bread, sunflower seed butter, greek yogurt, banana and agave πŸ™‚

Home, shower and off to….

Dali at the High Museum in Atlanta! Where I got to see this painting ↓

So cool!! It was smaller than I thought it would be

My brother Charlie πŸ™‚

We had reservations for Woodfire Grill at 9:30. Kevin Gillespie is the executive chef and was on Top Chef (my favorite show!) I tried to go for my birthday last year but it was right after the season ended and reservations were booked for 2 months!!

We went to Shout across the street from the High for appetizers of calamari and hummus to hold us over until 9:30. We then went to the bookstore to look for books, sip some coffee and chat until our reservation.

I enjoyed perusing the travel section πŸ˜‰

Onward to Woodfire!!

Our friend Jake (right) was kind enough to plan our adventure and make the reservations for us.

Woodfire: Any dietary restrictions?

Jack: No.

Woodfire: Are you celebrating any special occasion?


Woodfire: Thank you, click!

Hahaha, this gave us the theme for the night but also banished us to the upstairs tree house πŸ™‚

Our beautiful centerpiece, the decor was simplistic and organic.

Right away we were brought bread πŸ™‚ Sourdough and focaccia with an herbed butter (which we wanted to order a lb of to take home, it was oh so good!!)

We all chose to order the 5 dish tasting menu. They had three options: Original, Pescetarian, and Vegetarian. I chose the pescetarian option and shared bites with Jake who ordered the original.

We began with a palate cleanser: a local radish, butter and compressed diced cucumber. mmmm cleansing πŸ™‚

Woodfire Grill is all about slow food and local ingredients, therefore their menu changes daily, really cool!! With the tasting menu they presented us with each dish and described what was in the dish. We had no idea what was coming up next. This made it a really fun culinary adventure! Only downside, no menu so its hard to remember what was in each dish!

The first dish was two lightly fried laughing bird shrimp. There was some ginger and cilantro micro greens in this dish which made it absolutely amazing! I think everyone agreed that it was our favorite of the night!!

Scallops!! My favorite seafood πŸ™‚ Seared on a bed of shredded brussel sprouts and squash. Everything was perfectly cooked, loved the seasonal ingredients!!

Palate cleanser #2. Chilled watermelon juice. Cheers to friendship!!!

My next course was beet risotto. I LOVE beets! It was topped with chanterelle mushrooms and arugula. The risotto was perfectly cooked, you could really taste the earthy beets and mushrooms.

Meanwhile, the boys enjoyed smoked pork loin, pork belly and a pork and bacon hash. Kevin has a tattoo of a pig so you would expect that it would be included in the meal some how! As you know I not a big meat person but I enjoyed it! The pork belly was more fat then meat but it was cooked so that it melted in your mouth. Try everything once!!

While enjoying this dish, my brother had a few questions:

Charlie: How is this different from fat back? What is fat back? So this is not fat back? Where do you buy fat back?

Me: Stop saying fat back!!

Hahaha it was so cute! Another reason that they banished us to the tree house!

My next dish was sea bass on top of red cabbage with brown butter sauce and pomegranate molasses. mmmhhhmmmm. It was tasty!

The boys enjoyed sous vide lamb on turnip puree with candied turnips and beets. It was SO good and SO tender

Jake was explaining how sous vide is cooking in a vacuum sealed bag, submerged in a temperature controlled water bath, so that it is evenly cooked and does not lose any juices.

Blank stare from my brother.

I explained to him the abbreviated version: Food boiled in a bag πŸ˜‰

For the finale, mascapone cheesecake with a chocolate crust, chocolate sorbet, dotted with white chocolate and cranberry sauce. I love anything cheesecake! The tartness of the cranberry balanced the sweetness of the dessert. Homerun πŸ™‚

Jake did tell them that it was my birthday coming up!

Good to the very last bite!

Dinner began around 10:00, dessert was served around 12:00! It was such a well orchestrated meal. And such a fun evening of good food with good friends.

To Friendship!!!

God Bless and all the best!

Amy K.