Over the River & Through the Woods

The weekend began Friday on a fabulous note, the GRAND OPENING of TRADER JOES!!

I enjoyed more samples then my hands could carry 🙂

The store was packed! Definitely proof that TJs is way over due in Athens!

I went for my 13 mile long run Friday afternoon. I was sad to delete my time from the Athens Half!

I did my run around Roswell Park. I did the 3 mile loop 4 times and then the 1 mile loop.

Not a big fan of multiple loops and there are a few pretty significant hills, BUT I LOVED having gravel and dirt to run on.

13 Mile Long Run:

  • 1:56:25

I went shopping at Whole Foods and was totally freaked out by this guy! hahaha

A Pinkberry opened near our house and guess what was the featured flavor..

Yummy yummy  ♥ pumpkin ♥


Before the AU game we surprised my dad with his birthday present, tickets for the AU v  Chattanooga game in Auburn next weekend!! Need to start working on the tailgating menu 🙂

Speaking of tailgating food…

Mom made this amazing caprese appetizer! Isn’t it beautiful?! Grape tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, shredded basil, EVOO with a little S&P

My sister made this delicious and HEALTHY chicken corn chowder with home made corn bread…I think they are trying to entice me to come home more with amazing food 😉 Maybe she will share the recipe??

This morning I met my friends in north GA to go for a hike at Panther Creek Trail. It was a 7 mile hike

Ranger, Laura, Mallory and me! 

Ranger was so sweet! He would run ahead, then run back to us, then race ahead again. He was enjoying the water and the oh so many smells!!

I was so excited that I got to finally get some use out of my hiking boots!!

It was such a fantastic day! We all wondered why we don’t go hiking more often. This trail is about 1:20 from Athens, totally worth it!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

God Bless and all the best!

Amy K.