I woke up just a wee bit sore today 😉

Made me wish that I had invested some time in stretching after the race. I don’t know why but I hate stretching!

Today was the big interview with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. In order to put my best foot forward (sorry, I couldn’t help it!) I went for a pedicure!!

Not only do my toes look pretty but I got to sit in the massage chair while I had my feet and legs massaged…post race heaven!!

Thank you so much for the well wishes! The interview was great!! I worked this summer at CHOA with the Safe Kids program. This internship would be with Child Wellness and it is in the same building. It was great to go by afterward and see my old colleagues, kinda weird to be back interviewing in the same building!

On the way home I picked up some veggie, I was in the mood for a huge salad. I have seen some people blog about massaged kale salads. I love Kale because:

  1. It’s cheap!!
  2. It has great flavor
  3. It has tons of nutritious benefits

Because it is so tough I never thought to use it for a salad. 

Beautiful red kale but to me it looked purple

Massage Kale Salad

First thing you wash and remove the stems from the kale. Then put in large bowl with a little salt and a tinsy bit of olive oil.

Now for the fun part. Massage or crinkle the kale. This breaks down the cell walls making the kale soft and well…edible!! You can see the difference!

I made up a dressing for mine that included:

  • 1 tsp whole grain dijon mustard
  • 1 tsp balsamic vinegar
  • The juice of half a tangerine (you can substitute OJ)

I love grainy mustard, I like the look and texture it gives the salad 🙂

I dressed mine up with some shredded roasted brussels sprouts, tangerine slices, raisins and roasted sun choke slices.

What do you like to add to your salads?

God Bless and all the best!

Amy K.