This morning I woke up to a dark night sky and an alarm clock that ready 5:15 Ekkkk!

Today was the Athens Half Marathon!

My goal was to run sub 2 hrs but I completely shocked myself and ran it it 1:45:42!!

Whoa! I felt really good, I kept telling myself that when I started to feel bad or my knee started to hurt, I would back it down. But I felt FANTASTIC! It was such a great run! The course went all over UGA and Athens. I had a great music playlist that kept my mind off running and enjoyed all the scenery and people who came out to watch!

Around mile 8 my friends Laura, Kate and Jenny were waiting. I had given them a Gatorade and lara bar to refuel when I got to them. When they saw me coming they helped me refill my water bottle and handed me my lara bar, already opened 🙂 They are the most amazing friends!

My pace jumped around: Most miles were right around 8:00 and I had a few that were around 7:00 and one around 9:00. I felt so good the whole time and then came mile 12… monster hill, I would actually call it a mini mountain! I didn’t stop but that slowed me down significantly! People around were talking about how cruel it was to include that hill at the very end and I have to agree. But other then that, it was a wonderful race! I wish I could go back and do it again. I felt strong, and enjoyed having the whole street to run in! 

My day began with what I now think is my favorite pre race breakfast: Sunflower seed butter, greek yogurt, 1/2 banana, agave, and chia seeds on a thick slice of bread. It was just what I needed to get me going!

Super excited and ready to go! Check out my awesome compression calf sleeves!

I got them at the expo yesterday. I don’t know if they actually helped me in my pain free run but I felt great during the run and at least they kept my legs warm! 

Julia picked me up and we headed to the starting line. Twins!! These shirts were $5 at Old Navy!

Minuets after finishing I was enjoying a nice cold beer! I have trouble turning down a beer, especially when it is free!!!

When I got back to the house I showed, packed and jumped in the car to head home (Roswell, GA). I have an interview tomorrow with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for an internship! Wish me luck!!

I rehydrated along with way with some coconut water

And of course some Starbucks!

Iced coffee with 1 pump of pumpkin spice and a sample of blueberry scone!

For dinner I roasted half an acorn squash and stuffed with with curried quinoa and chickpea salad from Whole Foods. I did not love the salad on its own, it was kinda gritty from all the spices but I added some cottage cheese that made such a big difference and added lots of additional protein, perfect for post race recovery 🙂

For an after dinner treat I went to the new self serve frozen yogurt place by our house: Orange Leaf. 

I am a coffee lover 🙂

I got coffee and peanut butter yogurt with granola, a huge blackberry and a candy corn pumpkin! Sweet was to end a fantastic day!

Now I can not wait for the Atlanta Thanksgiving Half Marathon and then Disney!!! Woot Woot!

God Bless and all the best!

Amy K.