Happy Fall Party!

Last night I hostess-ed the second seasonal CPH Fall Party!

It is no secret that fall is my absolutely favorite season. What better reason do you need for celebrating??

The day started with peanuts, LOTS and LOTS of peanuts!

I wanted to make boiled peanuts! Growing up we went every year to Burt’s Pumpkin Farm and always got boiled peanuts, they just taste like fall to me!

I borrowed my dad’s turkey frier turned boiled peanut pot. Lauren and I spent a good amount of time going over the instructions on how to light the thing, then decided to call my dad and have him talk us through it!

Streaming hot boiled peanuts!!

Boiled Peanuts

These instructions are for a large pot, but you can adapt it for the stove top, Lauren even made some in the slow cooker!

  • Green peanuts
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Spices- I just did plain peanuts with salt because Lauren made Cajun ones in the slow cooker. You can play around with spices to add to make them as spicy as you want!

Rinse your peanuts and remove any stems. Place in pot with enough water to cover the peanuts with 2 inches of water. I heard that a good rule of thumb is 2 tbsp of salt for every lb of peanuts. You start with a little and try them throughout, you can always add more but can’t take it away! I like mine salty though (thats how Burt makes them!) The time varies depending on how many peanuts you are making. I had about 9 lbs and they took about 5 hours at a full boil. ( I would have liked to boil them longer and slower but I had an exam, so peanuts had to wait!). When they are soft, they are done! That easy!!

Peanut Perfection!

While the peanuts were in the hot tube, we decorated!

Gold leaves are a Fall Party tradition. I picked a variety off trees around Athens, spray painted them gold, and stuck them on the walls with tacky poster adhesive. Make sure you do not use leaves that have already fallen off the tree, they are too brittle!

And fall colored tissue puff balls!

With the decorations done, I enjoyed a pumpkin beer while getting ready. I love Blue Moon, and Harvest Moon was so good! 

My brother came to start the fire for smores.

And then the food started to pour in…

My friend Julia brought eggplant dip with slices of local cucumber.

Paige brought a delicious cheese ball in the shape of a pumpkin!

Sam brought a pumpkin cheesecake topped with a carmel spider! I love how fantastically fall all of the food was!

After that so many people showed up and so much food was brought that I could not keep up, it was all delicious!!

I was having such a good time I took next to no pictures! Thank goodness for facebook, tag it!!

My brother Charlie

Some of my HPRB ladies: Tamah, Hannah, and Melissa

Judging by the accumulation of bottles I would say that the night was a success, about 50 CPHers showed up!

Recycling is public health 😉

It was such a fantastic party, so sad that it is over. But I still have enough beer left in the fridge for another party, hmmm…..

God Bless and all the best!

Amy K.