0 to 60 in 4.2 hours

This morning was super chilly as I headed downtown to Pedal for Paws. 53 degrees!!!

There were some milkbones in our goody bags 🙂

I love this ride because it is super relaxed, have amazing road support and plenty of free food!Smiling but so cold!!

The ride began at the Jittery Joe’s coffee roaster downtown.Time to ride!Im just pedaling along and my friends start chatting about doing the 60 mile route. If you remember I signed up to do the 40 mile loop. SOMEHOW I was talked into going the extra 20 miles.

First rest stop.

PB sandwiches and fig newtons!!!

It was right around here that I started having some major pain behind my left knee. It came and went during the ride but there was such great road support I knew that if I needed to be picked up it would not be a problem.

Thankfully though I was able to push through and made it to the whole 60 miles!!!

At the finish line I enjoyed some curry chicken salad from Marti’s at Midday and mingled with some of the puppies from the True Love Canine Rescue Center.It was a fantastic morning and great ride. Now Im off to ice my knee and watch some football. Happy Game Day!

God Bless and all the best!

Amy K.