One down.

First midterm down. Such a relief, that was my tough one!

My sweet roommate brought me some candy corn (my favorite candy, but only in the fall!) and a pumpkin to sit on my desk. It was a tasty little pick me up when I was hitting the study wall!

I came home from my test and felt like getting creative with left overs!

In the fridge: cooked quinoa, roasted acorn squash…hmmm.

The sliced spinach wilted when it was mixed into the hot quinoa, it was wonderful!!!

Lauren and I went for our 9 miler tonight because she is going out of town in the morning. We could not have asked for a better night to run! The temp was around 62.

I was armed with my water bottle that straps to my hand and filled it with coconut water. I loved it on the run, it was not overwhelming or sicky sweet like sports drinks. Best of all its all natural and has more electrolytes then some other drinks.

We started our run at the fire station at Five Points and ran all over town. We ran past the Navy School and got to hear the evening trumpet call as we ran by!

I enjoyed a post run refuel snack of ww toast with sunflower seed butter, greek yogurt, banana and a drizzle of agave and chia seeds.

I am taking the rest of the night off to relax and catch up on project runway on hulu before starting to study for my next test in the morning!

God Bless and all the best!