Tailgating ≠ Rest Day

My parents came into town this weekend for the UGA vs Arkansas football game. I love when the parents visit they bring me things…And leave me things… Thanks mom and dad! They also take my brother and I out to dinner. Friday night we enjoyed pumpkin beer at Trapeze and Cecilia’s cake at last resort. I am not usually a big cake fan but Cecilia’s cake is a must when visiting Athens!
We enjoyed walking around and experiencing gameday at UGA before meeting my friends at our tailgate.I love college football Saturdays, but I have decided that Tailgating ≠ Rest Day!

About to head out for my 4 miler. I am looking forward to getting out, I have been studying all the day long and my brain is toast right now!

I made myself a little pre run treat using my new jar of TJs sunflower seed butter (thanks mom!)I toasted up a whole wheat english muffin and topped with:

Sunflower seed butter- I love the intense flavor so a little can go a long way!

Greek yogurt

1/2 banana

Drizzle of agave

and sprinkled with chia seeds!

Im off for my run, hopefully I will come back with enough energy to put in a few more hours of studying…

God Bless and all the best!

Amy K.