Green Goo and Long Run Two!!

Today we did our second long run, 7 miles! To fuel up for the run I whipped up a bowl of Green Goo!

It is the best pre work out snack!

Start with a frozen banana cut into pieces and then place in a blender with frozen chopped spinach.

Add vanilla almond milk to the blender and blended until it is smooth and a good consistency. I love the vanilla flavor that the almond milk adds but you can also substitute milk. I topped mine with some oatmeal and chia seeds! Yummm….

We ended up going for our run at 9:00 PM. I love night runs, you can get into your own little running bubble and fewer people are on the roads. I big THANKS to Dunkin Donuts who gave us a free cup of water when were we out and getting a little dry.  Lesson learned, time to strap on my running water bottle!

God Bless and all the best!

Amy K.