but wait, there’s more!

After classes today I met a friend downtown and stopped by the Athens Farmers Market!

I love the market, all of the farmers are so friendly and willing to share their expertise on gardening. I got some advice on my container garden from the growers of these BEAUTIFUL heirloom peppers!

The flowers were so COLORFUL!

When I got home I decided to harvest a few of my sweet potato plants. I have been growing a few plants in our front yard, I dug up one a while ago and they were still pretty tiny. I thought I would give it another try!

I dug and I pulled and I lifted up…two TINY sweet potatoes! Bummer!

But Wait!

A little further down I came across another spud!

This one was a keeper! Can’t wait to make something tasty with these!

I am mixing up the marathon training schedule this week. Which is fine as long as I get it all in! Monday was such a beautiful day I felt like a longer run so I ran a fabulous five miles and swapped my 3 miler for today. Have I lost you yet? And since Lauren is leaving for Auburn on Friday (for College Gameday! War Eagle!) we have decided to do our long run on Thursday night. I have updated my schedule to keep me straight!

Halfway into week 2! Watch out Orlando!

God Bless and all the best!

Amy K.